Angel and the Great Escape

Well here’s the blog many of you who have been following my recent health scare have been waiting on. Yes a small adventure whilst I continue to recuperate.

This little adventure was a reward for my bravery in doing my small walks and although I am still a little tired I was looking forward to a trip to my loch where there would be swans aplenty for me to watch. On top of this I had a little side mission to free the beautiful butterflies we had watched transform from tiny caterpillars in my butterfly garden.

Meet Ted, my sidekick for today

Meet Ted, my sidekick for today

Arriving at the Loch I stopped to admire the view and of course some swan pals. I was delighted to also see Chandler, he’s an escaped farmyard goose who has made the Loch his home. He’s funny and prefers to hang out with the swans rather than the other geese. Can you spot him?

Attention - the Furball is back

Attention – the Furball is back

Back where I belong

Back where I belong

Where's Chandler?

Where’s Chandler?

Here's Chandler

Here’s Chandler

After a little while we took a wander to the wildflower meadow as we thought this would be the perfect location to release my butterflies. After posing for a photo with them, I opened the hatch and with a cry of freedom my butterflies flew out. I must admit after a tough couple of weeks releasing the butterflies made us all smile. Lucky for us they also stopped and posed for a few photos before waving me a final goodbye.

Me and my flutterflies

Me and my flutterflies

Bye Bye butterflies

Bye Bye butterflies

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any more exciting I spotted a Great Crested Grebe with her baby, I’ve never seen a baby before so sat and watched as they dived under the water then popping backing up.

Great hair

Great hair

Hey baby, baby

Hey baby, baby

After that it was time for me to do my small walk before having a little rest before I went to see the swans again. It wasn’t long before my little eyes started to close and the hoomans decided it was time for me to go home and rest.



Smiling again

Smiling again

I'm feeling all white

I’m feeling all white

Sleepy head

Sleepy head


About angelthefurball

Former street scruff living a life full of fun and adventure. I have a silly spine to match my silly attitude. I also have my own wheels that give me a licence to live life to the full.
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6 Responses to Angel and the Great Escape

  1. Kay Gilliver and Louie. says:

    oh Angel what a joy to see you having such a lovely adventure, you are doing so well we love you lots AuntyKay and Louie Westie xox💕💕

  2. mariodacat says:

    What a great walkie you had. i llove your stroller. I told M to get one for me, but I’m not sure she was listening. Hope you are feeling better every day pal.

  3. Great to see you out & about again Angel and thanks for sharing your gweat photos. I luv how they all came to see you. Sending you massif hugs & lots of luv 😘😘😘😘

  4. noahzbark says:

    How happy I was to see your new post today, Angel. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen any of your adventures. I was unaware of your health scare so to see you out & about makes me glad. I just want you to be healthy & happy & to be able to continue on your wonderful adventures.

  5. Sammy & Penny Boxers says:

    Angel, my Sis! What a beautiful adventure. It’s great to see you getting better. There’s that smile that brightens everyone’s day. It’s great to see it again. Happy to see you standing & having a little walk too. You’re strength and will to push ahead is amazing. I admire you for your bravery. Mum too. I know she’s a huge factor in your recovery.

    Keep smiling Angel. Love you. xo
    (We love the full Furball look too!) 😘

  6. Penne & Warden says:

    So happy to see you outside with your swans. And I love seeing your butterflies released. Chandler is very handsome. Glad he is your friend. Keep getting healthy. Love you lots

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